Shula Newick can design and hand-make superb carnival-style costumes for balls, theatre, and carnival, from Trinidad-style Bikini Carnival costumes to Venetian-style Masks or Salon-Girl Burlesque skirts with cowgirl hats and flowered headbands.

Welcome to my website. I am based near Bath, South West England. I am an international designer and maker of large Trinidad style 'King' and 'Queen' carnival costumes that can be from 15ft to 22ft in height and secured to the back of the performing masquerader. My choice of decorative materials has favoured lightweight reflective hologram cloth. Recently I have hand painted polyester silk. The structure is made from fishing poles and fibreglass rods with nylon garden netting, all fitted in a fibreglass and steel back body suit. Wheels on a stand can be added for a long carnival parade. Prices start at 2000 and 3 months is needed to design and make a costume.

In consultation with you I also design and make special ONE-OFF bespoke headpieces, masks and costumes for balls, and carnival in the UK. For example, you can order an individual Trinidad-style Bikini Carnival costume involving a large feather headdress, braided and sequined collar, cuffs, belt and anklets. You provide the bikini and I will decorate it to match. 

I can make for you a highly decorated Venetian-style Mask with unisex caftan gown and net frill collar, suitable for masked balls

I can also make a personalised Salon-Girl Burlesque skirt with cowgirl hat or flowered headband. You provide the boned corset/basque to fit and I will embellish it with frills/fringe/braid.

Telephone or email me with your order and we will discuss the exact requirements over the phone. I need plenty of time to deliver as I am sometimes working abroad or have plenty of work in hand.

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